Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - The Dark Lord Luc - New

Gaan had an obsession. Probably one that wasn’t good for his health…or life. But he found himself at the Black Pit every night for the last two months. For what? To try to find out everything he could about a man named Luc.
Luc fascinated Gaan, with his tall, dark and dangerous looks. No one had ever captured Gaan’s attention like Luc did. And no one caused as much pain inside him either. Every time Luc’s hands were on another, Gaan’s body tightened in agony.
What little Gaan was able to find out was pure speculation. Oddly, when he asked about the man, no one seemed to know who he was talking about, but they certainly knew him when he was present. He didn’t understand.
He also couldn’t keep Luc off his mind. It was as if there was an invisible tether connecting his soul to Luc, one strong as steel, and yet that made no sense either. Gaan was well aware his grandfather was an angel, giving Gaan certain abilities, like judging character of those with no immortality. Not that Gaan was immortal. He wasn’t with his deluded blood.
Luc was a mystery, and a distraction. One that Gaan both welcomed and despised. The dark, enigmatic man also aroused Gaan like no other. Which was discerning since he’d never been attracted to a man in his long life.

Yes, Luc was an obsession. An obsession that nearly destroyed Gaan in the sweetest way—when Luc’s black eyes finally landed on him.

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