Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - I Have Seen the Glory - YA - New

Dathan had finally realized his dreams. It had taken him twenty-five years, but he’d done it. Ever since his parents had abandoned him, left him to his own devices at thirteen, he was determined to find a place for those like himself to be safe and feel loved and wanted.
Now, as he looked down from the hill above the compound, he smiled, seeing the industry of the young men and women that inhabited Glory Ranch.
It was one thing to disapprove of your child’s choices, but another to turn your back on who they are. Dathan knew that pain intimately, and would work until his dying day to see just one youngster heal and become the strong person they were meant to be.
Dathan knew it would not be easy. There were still many obstacles to overcome; angry parents, suspicious townsfolk, arrogant authorities.  Dathan was thankful to have a few close friends around him as he geared up for battle. Every young man and young woman that came to him was worth the sacrifices he made, and the protection he provided.
He would not fail them as everyone else had.

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