Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Cashing In - New

Cash Duncan’s life was getting boring and lonely—and complicated. But getting out from under Erik Duranovic’s influence would not be easy. No one left the Russian Mafia—no one. It didn’t help that Cash was reluctant to be away from Erik’s son, Daniil. For the son of the Russian boss, Daniil was clueless—in an endearing, shy, innocent way—sort of. That Cash loved the man was a secret Cash kept close to his heart. He should be content with being one of Daniil’s bodyguards, not lusting after him. Erik would kill Cash for even thinking about being inappropriate with his son, no matter how many men had shared Daniil’s bed.
Cash counted himself lucky his job entailed only keeping Daniil safe, which was difficult as it was with Daniil’s wild ways. It’s not like the whole world didn’t know who Daniil was, but Daniil himself didn’t make things any easier. Cash had the scars to prove it, as did the two other body guards. Trouble always found Daniil, whether he was looking for it or not, and Cash suspected Daniil was looking for it.
If only he could snatch the beautiful man away, disappear from the world, and then maybe Cash could show Daniil how much he loved him.
Daniil used every man willing and able to try and keep his mind off his gorgeous bodyguard. Sometimes he wondered if his father had intentionally put such temptation in front of him on purpose. For what, he didn’t know. But Daniil wasn’t stupid, he knew who his father was, and though he was doted on and he didn’t doubt his father loved him, he was wary when it came to the employees, especially his bodyguards.
There were too many times Daniil had dreamt of running far away. Someplace where his father’s long reaching arm didn’t have influence. But in the twenty three years of his life, he’d never figured out a way. And the frustration grew each year to be trapped in a gold-encrusted, gilded cage.
Something had to give. Daniil could see that Cash was getting restless, and the last thing Daniil wanted was for the man loved to disappear without him.

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