Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Untitled Firefighter story - New

Royce Charter was happy with his life. A Firefighter for Del Norte County Fire Department, most of his shifts found him in the forests surrounding northern California. The only thing that bothered him was his past and where it left him. Family was a big part of it, his brother a firefighter too, though he worked back in Royce’s home state of Utah. Salt Lake City, Utah…where the rest of his Fundamentalist Mormon family lived.
What Royce had lived through was a secret he kept well hidden, along with his orientation. He struggled enough as it was to reconcile his upbringing with his desires. Which had left him a twenty-four year old virgin. But one thing was certain, there was no guilt that he’d began his mission, only to do what he wanted and never return. Now, he was free or so he believed.
But he was lonely too. A loneliness that consumed him when he wasn’t working. He wasn’t sure what to do about it, never having dated, or approached a man, or even been kissed. He didn’t even have experience with women. He’d be ashamed of all of it, if he hadn’t been subjected to the way of life his family led. It was wrong, but it had taken him years to figure that out, not knowing any better. It was his best friend’s older brother that enlightened him and gave him the courage to run.
Jannen Correlle was a suspicious hermit that protected his lone cabin deep in the forests of northern California. Once a prostitute in the mean streets of Los Angeles, he escaped that life to hide away from humanity. He buried the pain of his past and lived out a simple life that was peaceful and quiet and he cherished his solitude.
That is, until a careless camper started a forest fire that threatened his home and his life. But Jannen wasn’t leaving. No way was he giving up the peace he’d found. But it was difficult with firefighters crawling all over his land, one in particular. He didn’t know his name and was angry that he was attracted to the guy. He’d given up on anything that had to do with sex, and intimacy was not something he’d ever experienced or wanted.

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