Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Faking It - 132 word count

Magnus Wainwright was scared out of his mind. His brother had finally challenged his father for the position of Alpha of their pack. But things had gone terribly wrong. Now, the only two alphas in the small High Mountain pack were dead.
With his younger brother gone, Magnus as first born son, by Council law was to take over the pack. Problem was…Magnus was an Omega. Never in the history of wolf shifters had there been an Omega running a pack.
Magnus’s mother was no help, being an Omega herself, and his sister was just a child, though it looked as if she might become Beta material when she was older. And then there was the pressure of taking a mate. Magnus didn’t know what to do.
To top off the mess his life had become, the Alpha of the Sentinal Pack, Zachary Bennington was constantly around, showing an interest in Magnus he didn’t welcome. Not now, not when he was so stressed over everything. Besides, there had been a centuries old feud between their packs and Magnus had been raised to despise the members of the larger pack.

How was he to handle all of this and remain sane? It was just too much, his wolf overwhelmed and making Magnus unable to shift. That was the last straw as far as Magnus was concerned. Not only was he Omega, but who ever heard of a wolf running a pack when he couldn’t even shift?

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