Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - The Power Within - New

Ronan, son of the Lenihan Pack alpha, never felt as if he fit in with the rest of the shifters. And as his twentieth birthday loomed, his father became increasingly agitated and cross with him. Never close with his father, Ronan took to wandering the hills and valleys of his home, sometimes for days on end.
Then, on the eve of his birthday, his father chained him to a wall in a remote cave. Begging and pleading to be set free, Ronan watched as his father shifted and waited—for what, Ronan didn’t know.
Ronan’s day of birth came and went and eventually his father let him go. But strange things began to happen that Ronan could not explain. Fires would alight from nowhere, a tempest would roll through their valley, leaving destruction behind, the members of the pack became more and more suspicious of Ronan, until finally, he was driven away.
Ronan made his way to other packs, only to be turned away again and again. He didn’t understand, didn’t know what he’d done to deserve such isolation. Across the country he traveled, avoiding any and all human habitats, eventually making his way to a remote beach. There, he found a tiny pack of four shifters.
He was strangely drawn to them, and they to him, welcoming him with open arms. He settled, living quietly, though the strange occurrences continued. But the four shifters only smiled, as if they had no concerns. As Ronan became comfortable among the four, their interest in him changed, all of them vying for his attention.
The day that Ronan turned twenty-one, he was confronted with truths he didn’t want to acknowledge. The four shifters became so much more to Ronan, and he learned of his heritage. A heritage that proved his father kept secrets, secrets that would change Ronan’s life forever.
For Ronan was only half shifter….

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