Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Untitled Fae Story - New

Shilah Meadows is one of the few Fae that can transverse between the Fairy Court and the human world. And even though it is forbidden, he takes the risk, just to get a glimpse of Tavish McVaughn. Shilah is captivated by the stunningly beautiful man…what he thought was a human. But as he makes trips to the human world, each time getting a bit closer to Tavish, he learns that Tavish is not what he seems.
In an abrupt meeting, he learns that Tavish is also Fae and is obsessed with the mystery as to why—and more importantly, how Tavish can live among the humans. Tavish seems oblivious to what he is which only makes Shilah more intrigued. How can a Fae survive in a world that doesn’t understand them? And what of Tavish’s powers?

Shilah has never seen Tavish exhibit the usual gifts Fae have, and the more he uncovers, the more questions arise. But as he takes more and more chances, getting caught looms ever closer. And then what? Tavish will be alone in a world that is cruel to that which is unknown. And if Tavish figures out what he is, Shilah must be there to protect him. For Tavish has captured Shilah’s heart, something that is unheard of among the Fae. 

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