Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - The Deal of a Lifetime - New

Jimmy Slater, aka Jam, is a young 19 year old rent boy who meets a very tragic end. He is murdered violently. Because his life is cut short, and his soul is pure, he is given the chance to come back as a ghost and to find a man who will love him. He is given a deal.
One full night –
One man each –
One time only –
Until the night he would have turned 30. Each man he’s with has the potential to be the one man who can set him free and give him a second chance at life.
He’s running out of time.
Vic Clinard is a vice cop in downtown San Francisco. He is disgruntled with his boss for putting him on assignment to haul in rent boys, just because the Chief knows he’s gay. One night, he picks up a young, beautiful man who tells him he doesn’t want any money, just his company and loving. What Vic didn’t expect is to fall for boy in just a few short hours. But he’s reluctant to admit his feelings because of past pain. He leaves, but when he can’t get the boy off his mind, he goes back to find him without success.
Vic turns to his brother for help. Burt isn’t real comfortable with his brother’s sexuality or lifestyle, and isn’t sure he wants to help him track down a missing rent boy. But Vic has always been there for him, so he starts digging. What he finds makes him think maybe Vic’s job has been a little too much for him, and possibly his little brother is having a breakdown. Because the boy he’s describing is dead, and has been for almost ten years.
Vic doesn’t believe his brother. He knows what he saw, knows how he feels and knows he will keep looking for Jam until he finds him so he can confess his love.

Jam sadly watches Vic search and search in vain, but the deal had been clear, one man, one time, each night and no mentioning the deal. Vic never said the words that would set Jam free. And the worst part of all? Jam’s heart would be breaking too, because he’d also fallen in love.

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