Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - To be Me - YA - New

Erica Copeland stayed to herself, too afraid people might figure out who she was. She was always looking over her shoulder, convinced that her family was going to hunt her down and drag her back to the miserable life she had before.
She’d hadn’t had the money to move out of the city, much less the state which is what her psychologist suggested, so bumping into family members was a distinct possibility. And she knew what would happen. They would out her and humiliate her to anyone that was around, or had gotten to know her.
Bad enough they called her names and degraded her to their kids, her nieces and nephews, but then her brothers had been worse growing up. Even now, the pain sometimes overwhelmed her. And, for now, there wasn’t anything she could do about it. She was stuck, because to become who she was, she needed money. A lot of money.
Chad Webster considered himself lucky the day he met Erica. She was so—adorable. But he soon found out that Erica was not who she claimed to be. And the way he found out only made things worse.
Nothing compared to the agony of getting a late-night call that a friend, who you wanted to be more, was injured, only to find out she’d been lying to you all along. When Chad had shown up at the hospital, what the staff told him seemed impossible. But when he confronted Erica, it was all true. Chad left the hospital and Erica without a word and didn’t look back.
A year later and Chad had come to realize how insensitive and cruel he’d been by abandoning Erica. Now, he didn’t know where she was, but he had made a point to learn about her situation. But, he wanted to talk to her—if he could find her. Erica’s tear streaked face haunted his dreams and guilt ate at him like acid. And, despite the truth, Chad still had feelings for her.

Chad needed to find Erica and at least apologize, even if she told him she never wanted to see him again. 

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