Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Who Do We Appreciate - New

Josy Cantrell has been bullied and made fun of most of his life, but he’s never cared what others thought of him. He did what he wanted, regardless of other’s opinions. So, senior year of high school found him captain of the cheerleading squad. After four years, he was the best, and fully expected to take his team to the Nationals…and finally win, despite the very gorgeous distraction by the name of Doccer Smythe.
He carried on his cheerleading into college, even with his parent’s withdrawing their financial help after finding out he was gay. Josy just got a part-time job to pay for his tuition and books. Luckily, his dorm room was paid for in advance, at least for his freshman year. He’d have to figure things out after that.
What he didn’t figure on was a certain stunning jock playing football at his University. A jock that hated Josy on sight. At least that’s what Josy thought, until one night at a frat party and things suddenly got very complicated…and hot.
Could Josy believe that Doccer cared for him? Would Doccer admit to what he was? Or would both young men crash and burn, one to learn loneliness, the other to learn the price for pleasing an unforgiving father. 

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