Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - The A/C Man (Gentle Men, Book 5) - New

Brynn Larabee was just a few hundred dollars away from buying into his boss’s business, so close he could taste it. Just one more decent sized job, and he was in. He only hoped it happened before Alan’s, owner of Barlow’s A/C and Heating, heart gave out. His wife was a sweet woman, but even Brynn knew he’d be history if the old man died before Brynn could purchase the controlling shares. Alan’s son, Mylaine would make sure of it. Mylaine had been trying to get his father to sell the company for the last five years, as long as Brynn had been working for Alan.
He thought luck was with him when he got a call on a job, only to find out the person needing the work was none other than Mylaine’s boyfriend, Ian Parrish. Didn’t help that Ian was one of the hottest men Brynn had ever seen. Not that he’d hit on the boyfriend of a man he loathed and he was under a deadline anyway, wanting to earn the cash to buy the shares. He had no time for flirting, much less anything more. He was just thankful that Ian wasn’t aware Brynn knew who he was.
But it seemed he wasn’t going to get past the fact that Ian was flirting with him. Brynn had to nip that in the bud immediately. Last thing he needed was Mylaine having another reason to hate him, and messing with his boyfriend would be top of that list. Besides, Brynn didn’t sleep with attached men…at least not without the significant other’s full approval and usually their presence—or even their participation. Brynn did love threesomes. They were hot! A threesome with Ian and Mylaine would be beyond hot, but it was never going to happen.
Mylaine and Ian had almost three years together and were happy, though both felt there was something missing. Ian was pretty sure it was a devoted top they needed since both Ian and Mylaine preferred to bottom. Made for a lot of “who’s going to top this time” debates. They evened it most of the time, but both would be thrilled to bring another man into their relationship that topped exclusively. When the A/C man showed up, Ian was convinced they’d found their man. Didn’t matter that Ian had called Barlow’s and the man most likely worked for Mylaine’s father. The guy was just to hot for Ian to care.

Mylaine wasn’t happy when Ian told him about Brynn Larabee. Ian finally figured out it was because Mylaine had had a crush on the sexy man since Brynn had started working for his dad, more than two years before Mylaine even met Ian. Ian wasn’t going to let it go, convincing Mylaine to put aside his misgivings and get to know Brynn. After all, if they could talk Brynn into their bed, he was sure they could talk him into their relationship geminately. 

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