Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Saving Kinley (Dark Angels, Book 2) - New

Blaz kept close tabs on Alden and his human lover. He was beyond livid that Alden would endanger their mission to keep the weak human. And he was insanely jealous, a feeling he did not want, nor understand. He had no interest in humans. That was, until he found one that made his blood boil and his mind disoriented.
The others were as angry as Blaz that Alden would jeopardize what they had to do, what they were created to do. All except Durriken. But Durr could see the future, a gift only he possessed. Maybe he knew something they didn’t. Or maybe he was just being his usual self, silent and brooding. Bottom line, Durr made no attempt to convince Alden it was wrong to keep the human.
It was during an insignificant scuffle that Blaz came across a small human that mesmerized him. The man was quiet, terrified and in need of protection. An intricate part of Blaz that he could not deny. He’d just never felt his gift so acutely for a being that was not of his kind. Nor had he ever felt desire such as he did with this man.
Kinley wasn’t sure he could believe his eyes. A dark shadow battling several beings bathed in a white light so bright that he’d blinked continuously. But he couldn’t deny the feeling he had right before the white figures showed up. Pure, unadulterated terror. A feeling so foreign that he didn’t recognize it until he was cowering against a concrete wall and his flight or fight instincts vanished.  
What he found when it was all over, was an ordinary man standing in front of him with his hand out. Well, not ordinary, not as gorgeous as he was. Without thought Kinley took the man’s hand and let him help him from his crouching position. It was when he saw him in a feeble streetlamp that Kinley was sure his mind played tricks on him.

But there was no way he could deny the feelings coursing through him for this man. The feelings of being protected—and desired overwhelmed him. He suddenly knew he’d follow this man anywhere. He just didn’t know what that entailed until it was too late.

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