Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Courage (Halfway House, Book 2) - New

Kelly Jorgensen didn’t figure he needed this shit, but he had to stay at the halfway house, or his parole would be forfeit and he’d be back in jail for the duration of his drug charges. At least here, he had a modicum of freedom, even with the ankle bracelet attached to him. But he wasn’t going to make friends, and he wasn’t going to spill his guts to the counselor, and he wasn’t going to let anyone know how badly he needed a fix and he sure as hell wasn’t going to let anyone know he was gay.
However, the longer his stay, the harder it was to keep his convictions. The counselor was kind, friendly and patient in the face of Kelly’s anger. The need for a fix was waning much to his surprise, and top it all off, a certain cute guy was getting under Kelly’s skin. Enough that he found himself thinking about the future and slowly giving in to his desire.
Xavier Cortez was confused and scared shitless to find himself where he was. He’d never done anything bad in his life, terrified of authority figures and meek from no self-esteem. He was still reeling from his parents catching him and his boyfriend in a kiss, his boyfriend then abandoning him and his parents turning on him and then finding himself homeless and without family. It hurt so bad that they had turned their backs on him and forced him from the only home he’d ever known.
Small and shy, he tried his best to avoid the others that lived at the halfway house, hoping to find some way to take care of himself and get out of here. But it was so hard, and complicated and he despaired he’d ever get anywhere.

The only person who even showed interest in him was a tattoo covered, pierced, angry man that was so much bigger than him. Kelly terrified Xavier even though the man never gave him any reason to believe he’d hurt him. Then, an incident caused Xavier to rethink his opinion of Kelly, but would it even matter once Kelly finished out his parole and left?

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