Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Under the Deep - New

There wasn’t a wave that Dominique Mare hadn’t conquered. His awards spanned a full wall in his adopted parent’s home. He was the number one surfer in the entire world. But Dominique knew his secret was the reason he was so good at what he did. The kind couple that had taken him into their home would forever be loved by him, but time was running out. Soon, he would need to find a mate, the drive to do so making him linger away from the beaches longer and longer.  
He wondered, as he always did, if his parents knew what he was, what he became when he swam the ocean, what made him master of the waves that curled high and mighty onto the shore? They’d never indicated they thought he was any different, that he wasn’t just a normal man like his father. But he wasn’t—by a long shot.
The growing restlessness was taking its toll on his career and becoming a concern to those that knew him. There was no way for Dominique to explain without revealing what he was. He couldn’t do that. Dominique wasn’t stupid, knowing if it got out that he wasn’t like most people, his life would be over. He’d become an experiment for the humans that misunderstood all that was different.

So caught up in his thoughts and expanding misery, he got sloppy. Now he had the added complication of one, Truman Fedeli. How the hell was he supposed to keep the cute guy from spilling his guts and ruining Dominique’s life? And why was he thinking of the guy as cute? It was obvious Truman was scared of him, and it wasn’t as if Dominique had ever been attracted to nerds, much less a male nerd. Could things get any more weird?

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