Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Extreme Love - New

Roeman Townsend was such an adrenaline junkie that even his brother thought he was on a suicide mission, that he had a death wish or something. But that wasn’t it. Roeman didn’t want to die; he just needed the thrill to remind him that he still lived. That there was life after Bayne’s death. His best friend was taken away from him by such a stupid act of negligence that Roe wanted to kill the guy himself. But Bayne was gone and Roeman was left with the mess his best friend’s life had become.
Sure, Bayne was just a private investigator, his job a risk every day, but he got in over his head and was shot. Now, Roe was trying to deal with his fellow boys in blue who weren’t putting effort into the investigation, Bayne’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, his family including a pissed off, greedy sister and an estranged brother that inherited Bayne’s most valued possession, his half-a-million dollar race horse. A horse that no one knew he owned except for Roe, who was still puzzled as to why Bayne would leave something he loved so much to a brother he hadn’t spoken with for more than six years.
When Bayne’s brother showed up, Roe finally understood.
Cayne couldn’t believe his twin was gone. The guilt he felt at staying away, and the pain in not being able to say good-bye weighed heavily on him. Add to that a total lack of interest from the local police, the girlfriend from hell as far as Cayne was concerned, Jayne’s out of control demands and the sexiest guy Cayne had ever seen that was Bayne’s best friend, Cayne was wondering if he could just finish with the funeral and leave. But Bayne had left him Marching To The Unknown, a three year old Thoroughbred that had won every race she’d been in for the last six months. Did Bayne think Cayne might be her rider some day?
He thought about selling the horse, telling his sister to go to hell and making a run for it. That was if he didn’t feel as if Roeman was on a mission to follow Bayne into oblivion. At least that’s the way it seemed to him. Never had he met someone who did the things Roeman did—for fun. Then things got more complicated when someone tried to kill Cayne. He didn’t know what his brother had gotten into, but the more he found out, the more convoluted things became—and the more Roeman seemed to be involved.

Cayne needed answers, answers no one seemed to want to give him. 

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