Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Untitled Scifi story - New

The only way to save the human race is to return to its origins. There, supposedly, is the Cradle of Élan, the beginning.
Those that were requested to travel the galaxy in search of the planet called Terra didn’t believe they’d find anything that could help human beings survive. The Blacpleague would soon wipe them all out and history told of the devastation that destroyed the planet humans came from. A devastation instigated by their own kind.
Ithai, the sycophant that was to travel with the Commander secretly believed they would find what they were seeking. Fables and myths for many others, he chose to accept them as the truth—desperately. Because in doing so, he just might believe he was destined to live too.
Commander Kraig was skeptical that Terra even existed. The little information they were given was pathetic. But, though he was half Faratu, he still had human blood in his veins. Which meant he could die as easily from the Blacpleague as undiluted humans. Even full Faratu were not spared, their home planet already fallen to the evil. His loyalty was now to his human half. So he took on the mission to find the Cradle of Élan on a planet thought to no longer exist.

A microscopic organism that decimated whole planets roamed the universe, consuming anything in its path. A plague that mutated to destroy any living thing it encountered. Mindless and insatiable, it traveled, blanketing every galaxy, every outpost, every colony and every species that lived. 

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