Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Stealing a Heart - New

Cline Arendell has been a high-end thief for nearly fifteen years, starting at the tender age of thirteen; living on the streets, mastering the fine art of pick pocketing and trying to survive.
It didn’t take him long to graduate to riskier enterprises and by the time he was twenty, there wasn’t much he couldn’t steal. He had a loft no one knew about that housed all his equipment, and looking at it, you would think he was a member of Homeland Security, Swat Teams and the military all rolled into one.
Now, at twenty-eight, he was getting bored with the same old jobs he’d been accepting for years now. Jewelry, art…money. It was all so innocuous anymore. There was no thrill left.
Then he got a call from a surprising direction asking for the impossible. Except, for Cline, nothing was impossible. He wondered at his own morals as he negotiated the price and terms for such a dangerous and bold venture. And for the first time, wondered at the reasons behind the heist and his own in accepting it, beyond the revived thrill it gave him.
But this wasn’t a heist, was it? This was a kidnapping. Cline was going to steal a person. And not any person, but the young daughter of the most dangerous man in the world.  With the full support of the United States of America.
Aiden Garrison could kick himself for getting into this mess. And then kick his boss for even suggesting it. Of course, kicking the President of the United States wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do. But, really? Pay the most notorious thief in the world to kidnap the daughter of the largest tyrant in the free nations? Really?
And how had the President even contacted this thief? How did he know him? And what the hell were they going to do with him if he succeeded? And that was a big “if”. And just to make Aiden’s day, good old President Lindley had convinced this thief to work directly with Aiden.
This was probably going to be the most interesting mission Aiden had ever been on…and the one that was going to finally get him killed.

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