Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Savior (Halfway House, Book 5) - New

Lyman Morowski’s life was boring as far as he was concerned. Alone in the world, he longed for a connection, someone to love and share his life with. But he’d never have that, not being gay and a cop. He substituted his need by helping the homeless, penniless men of the streets. He could proudly say he’d saved several lives by bringing them to Malcolm. The halfway house was a sanctuary for those with no hope and Malcolm had this way of getting through to the most stubborn of the men.
But Lyman figured he’d finally brought the one man that was going to best his friend. He’d arrested Jonas Maples for everything from prostitution, possession, dealing and a multitude of other misdemeanors. Most around the neighborhood called him “Pesky”, and he was the only man Lyman knew who seemed to thrive on being homeless. Pesky was tightlipped and withdrawn, so Lyman didn’t know his real motivation for wanting to be on the streets. But Lyman could deduce from the way Pesky acted, he liked the freedom and the reality that no one could tell him what to do.

Lyman was surprised he’d talked Pesky into entering the program at the halfway house. But Pesky was looking bad. It had been a hard winter on all the homeless and Pesky seemed to be suffering more than most. He had lost a lot of weight, was coughing continuously and had next to no energy. Lyman was worried about him. More than he should be, but couldn’t stop the feelings even if he wanted to. Had he had family, he could just see the looks and hear the comments, a cop and a bum…together? Lyman, for once, was glad he didn’t have a family.

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