Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - The Pool Man (Gentle Men, Book 3) - New

Mees Featherston loved his job! There was nothing like the independence of running around taking care of people’s pools and making them sparkling and getting paid for it. And occasionally finding scantily clad swimmers was a bonus. He just wished that most of them weren’t—female. He had laid his eyes on a few very nicely built and tan men, but then those are the ones that made him nervous and he had to concentrate on his job, or end up completely destroying the chemical balance of their pools. That had only happened once, and thankfully the man was good natured and didn’t get angry.
What Mees didn’t count on was falling for one of his clients. Adel Lanig wasn’t what you would call stunning, or even gorgeous really. But there was something about the man that drew Mees in like a moth to a flame. Mees just wished he could figure it out and, honestly, get rid of the feeling. He didn’t figure, at only 25, he was ready to settle down with one man for the rest of his life, though that was what he wanted in the long run. But for now, he wanted to play.
On one hot day, Mees got his wish—both of them.
Adel “Del” Lanig had never been so sexually attracted to a younger man the way he was his pool boy. He could barely keep it together when Mees came around to service his pool. See? He couldn’t even think of the guy without the double entendres slipping into his mind. But Mees was too young for him, couldn’t be a day over 18 and Del was edging towards his mid 30’s. And, besides, he was doubtful that Mees would be comfortable in Del’s lifestyle, even if he were gay.
The parties had dwindled over the last two years, Del becoming dissatisfied with them. He knew it was because he wasn’t finding what he wanted, though the many men he’d been with were certainly adequate. It was just—boring. He also knew he’d been going against his true nature, unable to find a man that both excited him and brought out his submissive side.  A man who would consume his every need, yet allow him to live his life. He wondered if such a man even existed.
Del’s best friend, Caz seemed to have ramped up his matchmaking activities and had talked Del into another party, one that had some new meat. Del wasn’t sure what to think, especially as this one they held during the day, instead of at night. So wrapped up in his anxiety about the party and meeting new men that might be what he was looking for, he forgot this was the day Mees came to take care of the pool.

What ensued turned Del’s world upside down, and showed Mees just exactly what he needed to play and love.

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