Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Savior of the Wasteland - New

Lazarus was an enigma to both the feral vampires and humans and the so-called civilized hidden species that had destroyed Earth some 700 years before. No one found Lazarus if he didn’t want to be found, but many were looking for him, if they believed he existed.
Some legends said he was a vampire that could walk under the burning sun without turning to ash, especially now that the ozone layer was gone and unable to protect the wastelands that survived. Other legends counted him as human, with healing powers no one had ever heard of before. Most equated him with the son of a God they no longer believed in. No one knew his real name, dubbing him Lazarus the Risen. Too many years had gone by for any to remember why they called him that.
Water was a commodity that was more precious than anything else—clean water anyway. And Lazarus knew right where there was a small spring that bubbled up from deep beneath the sun-baked ground. A hidden well only he knew how to get to. Twice now, he’d had to capture humans that had been following him, stalking him like prey. He’d fed well those times, neither of his meals being any wiser to the increased dryness of their throats, or the dizziness that caught at them. They would remember nothing.
Despite what the others thought, Kiedis knew the myth called Lazarus existed. There was way too much conclusive evidence that the being was true. Kiedis was a scientist first and foremost; he knew how to extract proof from bits and pieces of random data. He’d been unable to convince the others of his findings, therefore leading to help in locating the half-breed. For that matter, the Osinor had threatened to take him to the surface and leave him for the savage vampires and wild humans. Kiedis had shuddered at the brutal death that would have been the result.
But, thanks to being part of the Osinor bloodline, Kiedis knew things the rest of his species did not, like how to travel to the surface without detection. None deemed this myth to be real, therefore there was no salvation of the vampires and humans that the Lemarets had almost eradicated. But then, they did not care one way or the other if the two species’ survived. Kiedis abhorred any and all senseless deaths. That he was ridiculed and ostracized for that belief was an understatement. He would be dead if not for his ties to the omnipotent Osinor, the invisible leader of their species.

Kiedis was determined to find this Lazarus. Find it and see if it truly could save humankind and the vampire race. 

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