Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Untitled Twincest story - 552 word count

During the funeral, a strange man shows up, but mysteriously disappears before Milo can figure out who he is. As he goes through his mother’s belongings, he comes across evidence that he had a brother, but can’t find any more information on him
Unable to handle the pain of his mother’s passing, Milo moves back to his mother’s hometown where he meets his mother’s sister, a quiet, bitter woman who carries secrets of her own. Milo is looking for something, he just isn’t sure what.
Then, he meets a man who turns his world upside down. Curran is gorgeous, open, compassionate and sweet. That they look alike doesn’t click as Milo slowly falls in love. When he meets Curran’s father for the first time, he comes face to face with the mysterious man that attended his mother’s funeral.

What happens after that could tear them apart, but it might just bring them even closer than they ever thought possible.

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