Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - The Valet - New

Taylan Howard was exceedingly grateful to his grand-uncle for getting him the valet job at a ritzy hotel in downtown Atlanta. It had taken him almost three years to escape his controlling father’s grip and make it back to America. His abduction by his father wasn’t news in the U.S., which actually made things a bit easier. That and Taylan was born in the United States. No green card for him!
He’d managed to locate his mother, only to be terribly disappointed in her and unwelcome. He’d thought she’d be happy to see him, but when she found out he was gay, she turned her back on him and wouldn’t have anything to do with him. Now, he was staying in his grand-uncle’s basement. It was damp, and uncomfortable, but it had a bed and toilet. Good enough for now.
Taylan tried to do his job well, make his grand-uncle proud. He kept his temper when he was treated rudely, didn’t let his jealousy show as he watched wealthy and beautiful people come and go. Ignored the covert and overt propositions, and occasional gropes he was given…mostly by women. He wouldn’t have minded some of that from a man. But when he finally got attention from a very stunning and persistent gentleman, he wasn’t sure what to do. He was only 19, almost 20 and had hidden his sexuality. His father would have killed him if he’d ever found out.
Taylan kept his business with Gareth Cartwright professional, but even his grand-uncle could tell something was up. When confronted, Taylan told his uncle the truth, and to his surprise, his uncle was fine with both his orientation and his interest in the magnetic man. Taylan had been prepared to be thrown to the streets of Atlanta. A scary thought. But not only did that not happen, but Taylan allowed Gareth to romance him and was finding out he really, really liked it.
Gareth had never seen such an exotically sensual man as Taylan. He was naturally graceful, beautiful in his mixed race background and had Gareth enamored. Gareth was used to getting what he wanted, and Taylan was no exception, however he was learning quickly, that people…at least people of worth could not be bought for any price and their affection, trust and attention had to be earned. Gareth had every intention of earning all that with Taylan.

It wasn’t long after Taylan’s shy acquiesce to Garath’s interest that things went south quickly. Gareth’s father was scandalized at Gareth’s choice in a boyfriend and Taylan’s mother had sold out Taylan’s whereabouts to his Jamaican father. Just when Gareth had finally gotten Taylan to trust him, he was at the brink of losing him.

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