Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Untitled Shifter story - New

Corrigan wasn’t sure how he ended up in the predicament he was in. Last thing he remembered was the hotel room and the gorgeous man that was his client. He’d pressed his body against the man, winding his arms around the man’s shoulders in preparation for giving him what he was paying for and then felt a burning prick against the skin of his neck. Everything was blank after that, until he woke up in a luxurious room—and a locked door.

Weeks went by before Corrigan finally saw his captor again, and sadly, he knew there was no one who cared whether Corrigan fell off the face of the earth. He’d been thrown out of his pack, ostracized for being gay. But so far, he’d been unable to shift while confined to the room he was very familiar with now. He could kick himself for being drawn to the shifter that had picked him up. He’d just been so…relieved…to have another of his kind be interested in him, regardless that he had been there to pay for sex with Corrigan.

As time passed, Corrigan wondered if the other shifter was ever going to let him go. He treated him well, fed him, gave him expensive clothing, gifts—spoiled him. But never once gave him freedom. Corrigan’s new world became the room he occupied and the shifter who held him captive. And there was something else…the man’s eyes. They were unusual light amber, even for a wolf, but it was what Corrigan saw in them that had him confused.


Jadrian wasn’t sure what possessed him to grab the rent boy. He’d been surprised to realize he was a shifter, which only made what Jadrian had done that much more complicated. But what really dumbfounded Jadrian was he was falling for the younger wolf. He watched the shifter through the two-way hidden mirror day after day.

He’d been alone for so many years. Something that drove a pack species mad and Jadrian had no problem thinking he might be insane. After all, he kidnapped a shifter rent boy and was holding him captive—and had no intention of ever letting him go. He made sure to give the boy everything he needed, and a lot of what Jadrian thought he might want. He was shocked the shifter hadn’t asked to be set free.

As he got to know Corrigan, his wolf became interested in the other. Something that hadn’t happened to Jadrian ever. His wolf was aloof, having acclimated to being a loner. Jadrian had never liked being isolated. Maybe that’s what prompted him to wander that night and snatch Corrigan for his own personal mate. Mate?

It was forbidden within all packs for an Alpha wolf to have a male mate, but Jadrian had never been attracted to females, and his wolf refused to be sexually dominant with them. Hence, he was without a pack…or a mate. Until now.

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