Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - Touching Music - New

McKenzie Cates wasn’t the megastar he’d dreamed of being, but he was content to play the small venues his agent booked for him. His biggest regret was that his little boy would never hear his songs. It broke his heart that Jonas would never share McKenzie’s love for music.
A single father, McKenzie yearned to connect with Jonas somehow, but wasn’t sure how he could. Then McKenzie met Deason Samuels, a volunteer at Jonas’ school for the deaf. Just watching Deason, you would never guess he was deaf as well. He spoke well enough that only those familiar with the hearing impaired could tell he wasn’t speaking normally.
McKenzie’s attraction concerned him though. He wasn’t sure he could sustain a relationship with a man that couldn’t hear, especially with his passion for music. He already had to deal with Jonas’ deafness. Then again, he was severely jumping the gun since he knew nothing about Deason, including if he was gay or not.
As time went on and McKenzie got to know Deason, his attraction grew. Strong enough that he decided he needed to make a move, or at least make his interest known. But, by the time he made up his mind, it was too late, Deason was already dating someone. A female someone. Dejected, McKenzie went on with his life, pulling away from spending time around Deason and concentrating on his music and his son.
Deason watched McKenzie with wary eyes. The man drew Deason in like a moth to a flame, but the last time that happened, Deason ended up nearly losing his life. Because he couldn’t hear, he was hyper-aware of others around him and could tell Jonas’ dad was attracted to him. He couldn’t allow that, not yet, he wasn’t ready.
Deason pleaded with his best friend, Mandy to pretend to date him, just to put a buffer between McKenzie and Deason’s attraction to him. Deason wasn’t prepared for how well that ruse worked, or how he would feel when McKenzie stopped coming around the school and disappeared from Deason’s life.

How could he learn to trust McKenzie and fix the damage he’d done? And what about Jonas, McKenzie’s adorable son? Deason never thought of himself as father material, more like a big kid and that’s not what either of them needed. At least in Deason’s opinion. 

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