Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP - The Godling Lover - 29 Word count

Creelon wasn’t sure who his parents were beyond at least one of them being immortal. He lived upon a mountain and longed to live among the humans below him. His obsession with the lesser beings was frowned upon by his fellow Godlings, not that Creelon cared what they thought.
He was lonely, he needed someone to be close to, someone to care for him as his parents and siblings never had. Was that too much to ask? He was a Godling, with the power to manipulate light and matter. A lower immortal, but still powerful. Didn’t he deserve to be loved—and not worshiped?
He’d destroyed his own temple in a fit of despair as year after year crawled by interminably and his loneliness grew. Then, he had an epiphany to travel down among the humans. Why not? It wasn’t as if they would know he was a Godling, right?
There he met a man who would capture his heart. Problem was, the man was floundering in a deep depression, having lost his family in a terrible plane crash—a plane crash Creelon’s brother, Barnabas had created for amusement.

It would take everything Creelon knew of humans to crack the shell that surrounded this gorgeous man. But Creelon wanted him—badly. Somehow, he would get through to the man and show him a love that only a Godling could deliver.

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